Page 107 - Light on the way
P. 107

Grace; love of God; redemption; heaven
THROUGH everlasting ages surpassing time and space, our human story’s pages
exalt the God of grace;
the grace which in our blindness
was here but dimly guessed, the riches of his kindness,
will there be manifest.
2 No work of ours could save us, nor righteousness atone;
yet God in love forgave us through faith in Christ alone.
Redeemed from self and sinning, we learn to walk his way,
a glorious new beginning in God’s eternal day!
3 How great our adoration when at his feet we fall!
What undeserved salvation through Christ who died for all!
As those by grace forgiven, from sin and death restored,
we find our home in heaven with Christ our living Lord.
Alternative tunes: DIES DOMINICA or EWING

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