Page 119 - Light on the way
P. 119

HEBREWS 10.1-25
Grace; discipleship; redemption; the new covenant; worship
NO TEMPLE NOW, no gift of price, no priestly round of sacrifice,
retain their ancient powers.
As shadows fade before the sun
the day of sacrifice is done, the day of grace is ours.
2 The dying Lord our ransom paid, one final full self-offering made,
complete in every part.
His finished sacrifice for sins
the covenant of grace begins, the law within the heart.
3 In faith and confidence draw near, within the holiest appear,
with all who praise and pray;
who share one family, one feast,
one great imperishable Priest, one new and living way.
4 For Christ is ours! With purpose true the pilgrim path of faith pursue,
the road that Jesus trod;
until by his prevailing grace
we stand at last before his face, our Saviour and our God.

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