Page 121 - Light on the way
P. 121

1 PETER 1.1-18
Christian hope; the Lord Jesus Christ
THE GOD of grace and peace we bless for endless mercies given,
a God of love and faithfulness,
our Father God in heaven. A living hope, a promise true,
unfading, undefiled,
he gives to all who, born anew,
in Christ are reconciled.
2 For Christ is risen from the dead who suffered for our sins;
through him, whose precious blood was shed, our risen life begins.
Defended by the Spirit’s powers, in faith we watch and pray,
as heirs of all that shall be ours in God’s eternal day.
3 Stir up, O Lord, our faint desire, revive us as of old;
may faith when tested in the fire shine forth as purer gold!
Our eyes be set on things above, that rainbow-circled throne,
and he, whom yet unseen we love, in joy revealed and known.

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