Page 13 - Light on the way
P. 13

JOB 38
God the Father; creation; redemption
WHOSE MIGHTY WORD the heavens made? Who gave the planets birth,
and on its sure foundations laid
the cornerstone of earth? Creation’s everlasting King,
whom morning stars proclaim, and we with them rejoice to sing
the splendours of his Name.
2 The darkness fled at his decree, he gave the winds their breath.
He set the bounds of shore and sea, he formed the gates of death.
The Pleiades obey his will, by him Orion shines;
the stars his purposes fulfil, the heavens his designs.
3 The thunder tells his Name aloud, for him the rivers flow;
he numbers every passing cloud, the treasures of the snow.
Our world of sea and sky and land, with living creatures stored,
bears witness to its Maker’s hand, creation’s King and Lord.
4 Who by his word the heavens made, the starry hosts on high,
but he whose Son our ransom paid, who came in Christ to die?
To such a God, with all our powers, let songs of praise ascend,
for we are his and he is ours, our Father and our friend.

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