Page 19 - Light on the way
P. 19

Confidence and peace; the light of truth
OGOD of strength and splendour, on you we cast our care;
our guardian and defender,
in mercy hear our prayer. Your arms of love enfold us
in trouble or distress, your faithfulness uphold us,
O God of righteousness!
2 From minds that love delusions, who know not what they crave,
dispel the world’s confusions of gods who cannot save.
By truth itself forsaken,
their lost allegiance claim,
their dormant spirits waken to their Redeemer’s Name.
3 Be theirs a new beginning, as children of the day,
to turn from self and sinning to walk the narrow way.
On those by grace forgiven,
by grace through faith alone,
their Sun has shone from heaven and made his mercies known.
4 O God of loving-kindness, the one true Light divine,
have pity on our blindness
and cause your face to shine;
to shine in love and blessing till all our doubtings cease,
and safe in your possessing we rest in joy and peace.

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