Page 23 - Light on the way
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Melody and figured bass by François H Barthélémon (1741–1808) descant by Sidney Nicholson (1875–1927)
PSALM 18.25-45
Deliverance; God our strength; trust in God
GOD GIVES US LIGHT upon our way, a lamp about our feet to shine;
from doubt and darkness into day
he shows the path of life divine.
2 In him is power beyond our own,
a word of promise all may plead;
our hope is found in him alone,
a sure defence in time of need.
3 For when by self and sin beset,
when strength of will and courage fail,
his mighty arm is with us yet,
his word is sure, and shall prevail.
4 He reigns in triumph; by his hand is final victory assured,
the Rock on whom his people stand,
the one supreme and sovereign Lord.

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