Page 27 - Light on the way
P. 27

PSALM 36.5-10
God’s love and faithfulness
HOW VAST is God’s unfailing love to those by grace forgiven!
It reaches to the skies above
and scales the heights of heaven.
What loving-kindliness is ours, what steadfast love is this!
For mountain-high his wisdom towers and deep as the abyss.
And bird and beast and humankind, with all created things,
beneath his hand their shelter find, the shadow of his wings.
His children, precious in his sight, receive what love imparts,
to drink from rivers of delight, to feast with joyful hearts.
From him alone the fountains flow of life and health and peace;
so may we still salvation know,
and light and love increase.
O God of glory, known of old, draw near in love divine,
that in your light we may behold the light eternal shine!

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