Page 29 - Light on the way
P. 29

Wisdom of God; creation
THE LORD in wisdom made the earth, our sky and sea and land,
and gave the furthest stars their birth, unnumbered as the sand:
beyond all worlds, all stars and skies, he reigns all-loving and all-wise.
2 Beneath his hand the seasons turn, he rules the wind and tide;
for him the fires of nature burn, the cells of life divide:
creation moves as he decrees and wisely works its mysteries.
3 By him the lamps of reason shine, the laws of life are told;
within his purposes divine
our destinies unfold:
in love and wisdom, Lord, fulfil and work in us your perfect will.
4 So make us wise, in Christ to trust, in truth to walk his ways,
the wise, the righteous and the just from everlasting days:
redeeming Son, eternal Word,
the power and wisdom of the Lord.

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