Page 37 - Light on the way
P. 37

OCOMFORT each believing heart, our ancient bondage ends!
The Lord himself shall take our part
and make, of sinners, friends. Prepare for him a royal road,
make smooth and straight his way, who comes to bear our weary load,
our ransom price to pay.
2 Our life is brief as summer grass, our days are but a sigh;
we wither at the winds that pass and fade and fall and die.
But safe in God’s almighty hand our souls are kept secure:
for evermore his word shall stand, his covenant endure.
3 The very hills shall find a voice to make his tidings heard.
In God and in his grace rejoice, receive his promised word.
O comfort each believing heart where God in Christ has come!
The Lord himself shall take our part and lead his people home.
ISAIAH 40.1-11
Redemption; rejoicing

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