Page 39 - Light on the way
P. 39

ISAIAH 40.21-31
Creation; God the Father; providence; trust in God
HAVE WE NOT KNOWN? Have we not heard how from that throne on high
there sprang, at God’s creative word,
our earth and sea and sky?
Beneath his heaven stands displayed this firmly-founded world he made.
2 Our days on earth are in his hand, our thread of life, how frail!
Before his greatness none can stand, no mortal strength prevail.
All human pride and power must fall: his kingdom stands and orders all.
3 The starry host he holds in place and they his power proclaim;
beyond the darkest depths of space he knows them all by name.
No hand but his could set them there, no mind in majesty compare.
4 Have we not heard? Have we not known how God shall still sustain
the heart that looks to him alone and his eternal reign?
where borne aloft on eagles’ wings we share the song creation sings.

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