Page 41 - Light on the way
P. 41

Music: Kenneth Naylor (1931–1991)
Church and ministry; renewal
OGOD who gave the living word, no longer set in stone,
but by the Spirit of the Lord
to chosen prophets shown, teach us today, as least and last,
upon that word to build;
and see, though centuries have passed,
your purposes fulfilled.
Grant us, who name the Saviour’s Name, to know the Spirit’s powers;
and, as our Master did, to claim the prophet’s call as ours;
to share with our disordered earth what God in Christ has done:
a ransom paid, a second birth, a world’s salvation won.
So may we learn to comfort grief, to serve a world in need,
that broken hearts may find relief and captive souls be freed:
to see the wastes rebuilt again, an end to ancient wrongs,
a day when peace and justice reign, and praise be all our songs.
O God who gives the living word, revive your church today;
O Spirit of the sovereign Lord, descend on us who pray!
The call of Christ be with us still, his love our hearts inflame,
to work on earth his perfect will and glorify his Name.

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