Page 43 - Light on the way
P. 43

BEYOND all mortal praise God’s Name be ever blest, unsearchable his ways,
his glory manifest; from his high throne
in power and might
by wisdom’s light he rules alone.
2 Our times are in his hand to whom all flesh is grass,
while as their Maker planned the changing seasons pass.
He orders all:
before his eyes earth’s empires rise,
her kingdoms fall.
3 He gives to humankind, dividing as he will,
all powers of heart and mind, of spirit, strength and skill:
nor dark nor night but must lay bare its secrets, where
he dwells in light.
4 To God the only Lord
our fathers’ God, be praise;
his holy Name adored through everlasting days.
His mercies trace
in answered prayer, in love and care,
and gifts of grace.
Alternative tune: DARWALL'S 148th
DANIEL 2.20-23
Praise and worship

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