Page 57 - Light on the way
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MATTHEW 5.3-10
The beatitudes; Christlikeness
THE HUMBLE hold your kingdom’s key, the poor are counted blest,
who mourn their spirits’ poverty,
by self and sin oppressed;
who see their lives as little worth,
to them your word is given: the lowly shall possess the earth,
the meek shall reign in heaven.
2 The merciful your mercies find, the poor in heart you bless,
who hunger for a contrite mind, who thirst for righteousness:
and blest are those who, making peace, the Prince of peace proclaim;
content, as calumnies increase, to suffer for his Name.
3 How blest are those who grow in grace as children of the Lord;
to see the brightness of your face, their undeserved reward!
As those for whom the Saviour died they tread the path he trod,
and look to Jesus glorified, their Saviour and their God.
Alternative tune: PINNER (No. 2 in this book)

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