Page 71 - Light on the way
P. 71

Eastertide; Christ’s resurrection; the Scriptures
OUR GLORIOUS LORD is risen indeed, alive again and known;
from death to life eternal freed,
the Lamb upon his throne. Unseen, the stone is rolled aside,
untenanted the grave,
the Prince of life, the Crucified,
is risen strong to save.
2 To those on that Emmaus road you made the prophets plain;
how Christ, as all the Scriptures showed, should die and rise again.
So God’s eternal purpose planned, Lord, teach us in our turn,
that as your word we understand our hearts within us burn.
3 That empty cross, that empty grave, stand witness to the skies
of him, who chose in death to save, and then in glory rise.
Our God and Saviour, Lord and Friend, to whom in faith we come,
walk with us to our journey’s end in your eternal home.
Alternative tune: COE FEN (No. 13 in this book)

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