Page 75 - Light on the way
P. 75

The kingdom of God; the Lordship of Christ
COME, learn of God’s kingdom, the kingdom of light, its dawning dispelling the darkness of night;
the light of God’s glory is shining abroad,
in splendour proclaiming that Jesus is Lord.
2 Come, seek for God’s kingdom, the kingdom of Christ, a pearl without equal, a treasure unpriced,
a city unshaken the years cannot move, where life everlasting is founded on love.
3 Come, enter God’s kingdom, the gates are flung wide; to win us our freedom the Saviour has died:
the keys of the kingdom are theirs who proclaim the word of the gospel and faith in his Name.
4 Inherit God’s kingdom; for Jesus declares
to those who confess him, the kingdom is theirs:
O come then rejoicing, his glories to sing,
as heirs of that kingdom where Christ is the King!

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