Page 79 - Light on the way
P. 79

°##œ œTM j &œœœœ
œ œ œ œ œTM œ œ œ ˙TM œœ Jjœ
Passiontide; the seven words from the cross
                                   this ve - ry day in Pa - ra-dise with me.’
œœœœ œTMœœœTM ?#œœœ ˙
     ¢ #
œ œ œ œTM œJ œ œ ˙TM
THE HOUR HAS COME, foretold since time began, when on that cross there hangs the Son of Man,
and through what pain his prayer is heard in heaven
that those who drove the nails might be forgiven.
The dying thief is promised ‘You shall be this very day in Paradise with me.’
He charges Mary, and that well-loved one, be now his mother and be now her son.
The world’s true light in darkness dies alone, and asks why God should so forsake his own;
while, as the powers of evil do their worst, the living water, too, becomes ‘I thirst.’
The Prince of life, his earthly purpose done, cries ‘Finished’ now, a world’s salvation won, and as the gate of heaven open stands commends his spirit to his Father’s hands:
soon from his three-day grave to rise again, to rise in glory, and in glory reign.

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