Page 95 - Light on the way
P. 95

The call of God; praise and worship
ON GOD MOST HIGH be blessings poured, the God and Father of the Lord,
for Christ and his redeeming love,
the riches of the realms above.
2 What blessings, too, belong to those whom God the Father called and chose, predestined in his perfect plan
before this founded world began.
3 His hand upon our lives we trace, with all the glories of his grace,
as cherished children of his care, the righteousness of Christ to share.
4 For Christ, the Son of God in heaven, the spotless Lamb for sinners given,
for him, our Saviour, friend and Lord, on God Most High be blessings poured.
Alternative tune: CAMERONIAN MIDNIGHT HYMN (No. 22 in this book)

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