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 Write the names of your three pieces here:
When and where will you be performing these pieces?
Write the name of your solo here:
When and where will you be performing this?
For your Yellow performance targets, you will be expected to sing:
 • Three contrasting solo pieces with a range of over an octave. These should be sung from memory.
• A solo or solo line in a concert or service (selected and prepared in advance).
With your choir trainer, choose the pieces and the solo you will sing, and arrange where and when you will sing them.
      Preparing for your performance
When you perform, your choir trainer will be listening for the following:
 • Clear articulation and projection
• Even and resonant tone throughout your range
• The ability to move smoothly and with agility between the different registers of the voice
To prepare your pieces and solo:
• Practise at home. If you know the music very well, you will be more confident in your performance.
• Sing the tune to ‘ah’ or hum it until you are confident of where it goes and how it feels in your voice.
• Good breath control demonstrated through dynamics, a focused tone throughout the dynamic range, and good intonation
• The use of different vocal colours (see pages 10 and 11)
• Practise your pieces without accompaniment. This will help you to learn all the notes accurately.
• Practise sliding between each note to get a sense of smoothness. This will help you to connect the notes.
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