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                                 New keys and key signatures
 
 
Name the six flats in the key signature of E flat minor.
What is the relative major of this key?
 ____ flat ____ flat ____ flat
____ flat ____ flat ____ flat
  What is the key signature of B minor?
 ____ sharp(s) ____ flat(s)
   Can you link these keys in order according to how many sharps their key signatures have?
Circle the key with the most sharps. What is its relative minor?
 D major Fs minor
G major
A minor E major
   Put a clef on this staff and then write the key signature of D flat major.
  What is the name of the other key which shares this key signature?
_______ minor
  Which two keys have this key signature?
   Finish this pattern: . . . and this one:
Need a clue? Think about the interval between each note in the pattern, or about the key signatures of their major keys. If you need help with these questions, ask your choir trainer or look at the chart on page 52.
_______ major and _______ minor
  F B f E f _____ _____ _____
_____ _____ _____
  20 Module B: Musical skills and understanding

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