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                                 New intervals
 The same interval can be written down in different ways. Writing an interval as an augmented fourth rather than a diminished fifth (or vice versa) is another way that a composer uses of ‘spelling’ the music. The way that the composer chooses to express an interval can depend on its context – for example, the harmony that comes before or after the interval, or what happens next in the melody.
An augmented interval is an interval to which an extra semitone has been added. (Augmented means ‘made bigger’.) For example, an augmented fourth is a perfect fourth plus one semitone.
   An augmented fourth   
            Perfect fourth
is one semitone larger than a perfect fourth.
Augmented fourth
A diminished interval is an interval from which a semitone has been taken away. (Diminished means ‘made smaller’.) For example, a diminished fifth is a perfect fifth minus one semitone.
   
Perfect fifth
Sing these intervals.
Adiminishedfifthis   
Diminished fifth
    one semitone smaller than a perfect fifth.
         An augmented fourth sounds the same as a diminished fifth. Its size is between a perfect fourth and a perfect fifth. It is also known as a tritone, because it is the same size as three tones added together.
Link these intervals in order of size. Start with either the largest or the smallest.
 
One of these intervals is an augmented fourth. Draw a circle around this interval.
 
 
        
 
           
 
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