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                                 New time signatures
These time signatures work in the same way as the other time signatures that you know. The top number tells you how many beats are in each bar. The bottom number tells you what kind of beats they are.
 5 crotchet beats 5 quaver beats 7 crotchet beats 7 quaver beats inabar inabar inabar  inabar 
 
                     Count the beats of some bars in 5/4 time. Clap on the first beat of each bar. Then do the same in 7/4 time.
 i Music with five beats in a bar often feels as if the beats are grouped in twos and threes. You may be able to hear a group of two followed by a group of three, or a group of three then a group of two.
 Clap the bars on the right while counting as shown. Repeat each one several times. Clap louder on the notes which have accents, feeling the different groups of two and three.
q q q q q . 12312
   Iqqqqq 12123
Again, repeat each one several times
 While you sing or listen, count the beats in your head. Are the beats within each bar grouped? If so, are they grouped in twos, threes or fours?
Music with seven beats in a bar can also have smaller groups of beats within each bar. Sometimes the beats are grouped as three followed by four, or four followed by three.
 A q q q q q q q . 1231234
A q q q q q q q . 1234123
Music with seven beats in a bar can also be grouped in twos and threes. This time, of course, there will be three groups within each bar.
Clap these bars, counting as shown. and clap louder on the accented notes.
        There are several ways that groups of two and three beats can be combined in a bar of seven beats. How many combinations are there? Write them in the box.
Then clap and count some bars of 7/4, grouping the beats in the different ways that you have written.
  If you know any music which has any of the time signatures on this page, sing it with your choir. If not, listen to a recording. Ask your choir trainer for suggestions.
   32 Module B: Musical skills and understanding

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