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                                 Performance directions
These instructions tell you how the voice should sound:
 marcato (say ‘mar – kah – toh’) leggiero (say ‘lej – ee – air – oh’) pesante (say ‘pe – zan – teh’) risoluto (say ‘riz – oh – loo – toh’) voce (say ‘vo – cheh’)
sotto voce
marked, accented lightly
bold, strong voice
in an undertone
resonant, with a rich tone
These instructions tell you about the general sound of the music:
smorzando (say ‘smor – tsan – doh’) niente (say ‘nyen – tey’)
lunga pausa (say ‘pow–zuh’)
dying away
dying away
getting quieter, dying away dying away in tone and speed nothing (no sound)
long pause
  Find the composer
Write the Italian words for the terms given below into the boxes. If you get them right, the letters in the shaded boxes will spell the name of a choral composer.
1) Silent, don’t sing 2) Slow and solemn 3) Voice
4) Heavily
5) Sadly
6) Nothing, no sound 7) Without
8) Furiously
                                             Sing some scales, arpeggios or vocal exercises to practise the following:
  marcato sotto voce
perdendosi leggiero
pesante con brio
energico grave
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