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Much of our communication is due to our body language, rather than the words that we say. Your body language and facial expressions can tell others that you are relaxed, frightened, angry, defensive, or confident, even if your words do not. Likewise, even before you start to sing, your posture makes an impression on your listeners. Posture is an important part of showing confidence and professionalism.
Consider a performer’s posture from the perspective of the audience. Singers who stand well create an impact before they even begin to sing. They look focused and professional. The audience can relax and enjoy the music with confidence.
 Your posture also affects your singing voice. Good posture allows the muscles to function to their optimum level, whereas bad posture impairs the working of the muscles and, therefore, the voice. Any tension in the body can be heard when you sing, so it is important to develop and maintain good posture.
Posture has a significant effect on our general health and well-being. For example, bad posture over a long period of time can produce serious neck and back pain. We need to be aware of our posture at all times – not just when singing.
If you stand properly, your head, body and legs will be in alignment. This frees your body of tension and makes singing easier. The diagram on the right shows how the mouth, larynx and spinal column are linked in vertical alignment. See how this relates to your own posture. Mark on the diagram any places where you feel you need to improve the way you stand. Here are a few tips to help you.
   • Keep your spine straight (aligned as shown in the diagram). This allows your diaphragm to work properly and helps your back muscles to support the sound.
• Do not let your shoulders sag, or your head move too far forward, as this impairs the working of the neck muscles.
• Your head weighs about 15lb (over 6kg). If it is in the wrong position, your muscles have to work harder
to keep your body balanced. (If
you have to sing while kneeling, be careful to balance your head properly without pushing your chin forward.)
  4 Module A: Using the voice well

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