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                                 Choir in context
 Who chose your choir’s repertoire in the past? Who chooses it today? Do you help to make the choices?
How has the choir’s repertoire changed over the years? What do these changes say about the choir and its audience?
Is any repertoire more popular now than in the past? Why?
Is any repertoire less popular now than in the past? Why? Should any of it be revived?
What influences your choir’s repertoire selection? (Think about: the ability and tastes of the singers; the choir’s role in the community; the expectations of the audience or congregation.)
If you had to suggest new repertoire for your choir, where would you look?
Suggest some new pieces for your choir. Think about why they are suitable, how the audience will react to them, and what the new pieces will say about your choir’s image or status.
Repertoire report
 Module E: Choir in context 41

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