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                                 Choir in context
Topic 2: Serving the wider community
For this topic, you are required to conceive and plan a practical event or activity to build relationships between your choir and your community. This involves thinking about how your choir already relates to the people and places around it, and what could be done to improve this. First, answer the following questions. (You may have already thought about some of these in the Module E topics at earlier levels.)
    How does our choir already contribute to the community? (Consider performances, fundraising, non-musical, social, religious or pastoral activities and so on.)
Are there other ways in which the choir could contribute to the community?
Are there any special events or occasions coming up in the next year that could be a focus for the choir’s contributions?
  Now develop an idea for an event that your choir can organize for its community. If you want, discuss your idea with other choir or community members. It may not be possible for the event to take place, but plan it as if it were going to happen. Be practical and realistic. Think about the questions below to help you plan. Make some notes on a separate sheet, then fill in the worksheet opposite.
• What do you hope to achieve for the community?
• What do you hope to achieve for the choir?
• What tasks need to be done to make the event happen? • What funds will you need?
• Who will take part?
• What help will you need?
• Whose permission will you need?
• How will you tell people about the project?
• How will you decide whether it has been a success?
• How will you keep a record of the event?
The worksheet will help you to draw up a detailed plan. You can take extra copies in case you would like to plan several different events or projects.
  42 Module E: Choir in context

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