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                                The training notes which accompany each piece provide ideas about how you might introduce the song to your singers in rehearsals, ideas for a creative performance, and how you can use the song to develop your singers’ voices and musical understanding. Less experienced choir trainers may like to follow the training notes in detail, whereas those who are more experienced may prefer to simply dip into the notes for ideas.
To help you in the task of developing your singers’ voices as well as their musical skills and understanding, the Voice for Life Singer’s Workbooks and Choir Trainer’s Book are a useful backup resource. These contain a variety of teaching aids such as theory games and exercises, photocopiable worksheets, vocal exercises, and plenty of guidance about how to introduce each new concept or idea to your singers as well as practical advice on running your choir.
We hope you enjoy singing the repertoire in this book as you rehearse, perform and develop your singers’ confidence and musical skills.
Esther Jones Leah Perona-Wright Co-Director of Voice for Life Co-Director of Voice for Life

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