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                                27. We rejoice to be God’s chosen
This dance-like song is arranged by John Bell of the Iona Community.The text reminds us that it is by the grace of God that we are chosen to be his people but that this calling is to love, serve and give to others.
Teaching the song
This song is unison throughout with the same melody in each of the verses. Begin by teaching the first four bars of the melody.This is the same as the next phrase and the last phrase in each verse.You may find it helpful to divide the third line into two phrases when introducing it.
The second verse may be sung in unison – in which case you may like to allocate a solo or semi-chorus to sing it. However, some singers may enjoy the challenge of the alternative a cappella version, in which the accompanying parts sing simple, repeated riffs.To teach this, divide your choir into three groups. Introduce the lowest part first, asking the allocated group to repeat it continuously while you demonstrate the upper harmony part at bars 17–20. Next, ask the second group to sing this riff repeatedly. Once these two parts are secure ask the third group to sing the melody over the top.You can then go back and teach your upper harmony part their simple four-bar introduction to this section.You will also need to practise the transition from the first verse to the second to make sure each of the groups can find their starting notes in context.
Practical points
The flute part would also be very effective played on a treble recorder. However, if you do not have a melody instrument available, the piano accompanist can play this melody over the top of their own part.
Be careful not to take the piano introduction too quickly – the melody instrument has a lot of notes to fit in over the top!
Musical skills and understanding
What is the highest note in the vocal melody?
Can your singers describe what the following terms mean: Maestoso (bar 33), ff (bar 40), rall (bar 56)? What is the duration of the final note?
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