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                                through the use of a focused tone (although there are a few musical styles, such as jazz, that do require breathiness).
The following exercise is helpful to those singers that have trouble producing a focused tone.Ask them to try a nasal laugh, like a witch ‘hee, hee, hee’ or try an open-mouthed hum on an ‘ng’ sound opening up onto an ‘ee’ vowel. Next, they should try singing a few bars of music through on a bright, nasal ‘ee’ vowel (if they place one finger down the bridge of their nose to feel the vibrations, it may help them focus or ‘place’ the sound here).When they return to singing normally, with the text, they should try to retain some of this forward placing.
Some singers use this nasal tone all the time when they sing and it is tiring to listen to.They should be encouraged to explore different tonal colours as well.
Musical skills and understanding
The melody of this piece starts with a rising major sixth. Can anyone think of another song that starts with this interval (e.g. My bonny lies over the ocean)? On which beat of the bar does the melody start?
In verse two (which starts at bar 21) the harmony part is mainly lower than the melody but crosses it in several places. Can anyone identify where this occurs?
What is the definition of Andante?

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