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                                34. The spirit of the Lord
Track 34
The text of this song is based on the words of the Old Testament prophet, Isaiah (chapter 61). In his Gospel account, the historian Luke records that Jesus read this text aloud from the scroll in the synagogue and caused outrage among the religious leaders by revealing that this prophecy was fulfilled through his own life and ministry.
Bars 4–13 form a refrain which is repeated after each verse.Ask your singers to look through the score to see whether they can identify the places at which it returns.Are there any differences between these sections?
Teaching the song
Start by teaching the melody of the refrain.Then add in the lower part on the repeat from bars 16 to 25. (This same two-part section appears at bars 38–47, and bars 62–71 although it has modulated into a different key for the final statement.)
Next teach your singers the section of new material from bar 50 to 61 (‘To set free those that are downtrodden’).Although this is written in two-parts you might like to ask your singers try sightreading this section. Each entry has been carefully written so that the singers can find their notes with ease – the parts either begin each phrase in unison or they begin on the same note as the previous phrase ended on. Much of the movement in both parts is stepwise, making it an ideal section of music to use for beginners sightreading.
Finally teach your singers the section from bar 28 to 37 (‘He has sent me to proclaim release’).The opening of this will be familiar from the previous section you have taught them (‘To set free’).The final overlapping phrases ‘And recovery of sight’ are different, so ask your singers to look carefully at their own vocal part and then at the other part and see where they might find the first note for each of these overlapping phrases.
Musical skills and understanding
This piece passes through several different keys. Ask your singers to look at the following sections and name the key: the beginning (one flat in the key signature), from bar 51 to 60 (three flats in the key signature), bar 61-end (one sharp in the key signature).
What does the performance direction at the beginning mean? (Andante con moto). What does poco rit. (bar 72) mean?
What does a tempo (bar 75) mean?

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