Page 195 - Voice for Life Songbook 1
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                                doing a ‘sniff ’ to stop them from singing on the rests – ‘He’s got the (sniff) whole world (sniff sniff) in his hands’.While teaching this section, sing the melody complete and in unison before you break your singers into two parts.
Finally teach the final ‘swung’ section of the piece, including the harmony underneath.
Using the voice well
During the sections where the melody alternates between the voices, ask the singers to imagine they are singing the whole tune so that they are ready to sing and not surprised each time their entry comes.This should help to keep the melody running smoothly between the parts.
Musical skills and understanding
What key does the music move into at bar 16? What does mf (bar 28) mean?
What does sempre accel. al fine (bar 55) mean?

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