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                                It’s vitally important, if you want to engage the singers in a choir, to choose the right repertoire.When working with young people or inexperienced adults, it can be difficult to find music of a suitable standard which combines integrity and artistic merit.The Voice for Life Songbook is designed to solve this problem. It offers choir trainers a wealth of music which will inspire and enthuse singers of all ages, starting with songs suitable for those who are new to singing, and moving on to pieces designed to offer a gentle challenge as people grow in confidence and skill.
This anthology is part of the Voice for Life initiative, through which the Royal School of Church Music aims to encourage and enable high standards in choral education and singing.The backbone of Voice for Life is a training programme for singers delivered by their choir trainer within the choral context.Thousands of choristers around the world are already benefiting from Voice for Life and, with numbers rapidly increasing, the RSCM is working on a number of educational resources to support them and supplement the core textbook, The Choir Trainer’s Book.
The Voice for Life Songbook, produced by experienced choir trainers, music teachers and singers, is the first song collection published as part of the scheme. In line with the aims of Voice for Life, it offers guidance to the choir trainer on running rehearsals, teaching repertoire and developing the vocal and musical skills of singers. And through it, the RSCM hopes to fulfil its mission to enrich the present, secure the future and sustain the traditions.
I would happily recommend any music which encourages people to develop that God-given gift, the joy of singing – and the Voice for Life Songbook is an ideal place to start.
Brian Kay
RSCM Vice-President

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