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                                16. The fruits of the land
This song by David Ogden is suitable for harvest or other times of the year where the theme is God’s gifts, creation or service to others.
Before you start make sure your singers understand the geography of the piece.At the end of each verse they return to the refrain and then, after the final refrain, they must jump from bar 11 to the Coda at the end of the piece.
Teaching the song
Start by teaching the refrain and sing it through a few times until it is secure. Next, work on the verses. The rhythms of each verse are slightly different so you will need to practise each one separately.The harmony in the coda is optional but is simple enough to be managed by most choirs. Rehearse the upper part separately and then put it with the lower part, which remains on the tune.
Using the voice well
The first note of this song is quite low. Singers may need to work hard to find a resonant sound in this range of their voice. If they do not give it enough weight and length it will not be heard.
The last note of each verse is six beats long. Singers need to maintain their breath support throughout this note in order to keep the sound vibrant. Experiment with it by asking them to crescendo or diminuendo through the note – or both. Can they keep the sound alive even while changing dynamic?
Musical skills and understanding
Can your singers translate or give a description of the following musical terms that are marked in the score? A tempo (bar 5), coda (bar 26), poco rall (bar 25), div. (bar 27).
The tempo of the piece is marked crotchet = 96.What does this mean?
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