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The Crucifixion
John Stainer
Words selected and written by
Revd W. J. Sparrow Simpson
Inscribed to his pupil and friend, W. Hodge, and the Choir of Marylebone Church.
New Critical Edition
edited by
Jeremy Dibble
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ISBN: 978-0-85402-336-3 RSCM Catalogue Number RS384
Music engraving in Dorico by Daniel Soper
Front cover image: Sir John Stainer - Moira Gerald Edward - British School - 19th Century Contributor: Artepics / Alamy Stock Photo
Facsimilies of STA 1/3/26 Autograph of Stainer’s Crucifixion
reproduced by permission of Durham University Library and Collections.
Cover design by Anthony Marks
Printed in Great Britain by Halstan, Amersham

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