Page 71 - Stainer Crucifixion
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TEXTUAL COMMENTARY/VARIANTS b. = bar; om. = omitted; ed. = editor;
No. 1 b. 7 all sources except S5, Org. LH, beat 3, B sharp re-spelt as C natural ed.; b. 17 all sources, vocal part, note 1 to b. 18 note 1 slur, om. ed.
No. 2 b. 46 S5 G# F# F# in vocal part (and replicated in the organ part); b. 68 S1/S2 vocal part, note 3, fermata om.; b. 69 ‘a tempo’ om.; b. 82 S1 vocal part ‘woe’. In S2 this has been changed to ‘pain’; b. 94 S3/S6 vocal part, comma after ‘said’ (colon in S4);
No. 3 b. 18 all sources, Org. RH, notes 2-4, slur, om. ed.; b. 32 all sources, Org. LH, upper part E minim; b. 45 all sources, Org. RH, upper part, beats 2-4 slurred; b.59 S1/S2 Org. RH, chord 2, ‘ff’ om.; b. 70 S2 Org., chord 2, ‘f’ om.; b. 99 S2/S3/S4/S5/S6 instruction “in 8ves” om. ed.; b. 104 S1 ‘Gt. mf’ om.; S2 ‘mf’ om.; bb.124-5 S2/S3/S4/S5/S6, Org. RH, b. 124 beats 2-4 slur and b. 125 beats 1-3 slurred (this was misread by engravers from S1 where Stainer intended a continuous slur across the two bars – cf. bb. 122-3 where the slur across the two bars in S1 is very clear); b. 151 S1/S2, beat 3, ‘a tempo’ om.; b. 169 S1/S2 Sop. & Ten., rhythm of ‘banner’ is two equal quavers (in S3 dotted quaver and semiquaver); b. 185 S1/S2 Org. RH, B and D in middle of chord wrongly notated as semibreves.
No. 4 b. 1 S5 ‘had’ (instead of ‘were’) in vocal part.
No. 5 b. 1 S1/S2/S6 ‘Very slow’ (S3/S4/S5 om.); b. 8 S2/S3/S4/S5/S6 verse 1 and verse 10, full stop only after ‘bled’; S2/S3/S4/S5/S6 verse 2, line 2 ends with a comma; S1 verse 8, no commas after ‘throne’ (line 2) and ‘profaning’ (line 3); S1 verse 9, no comma after ‘High’ (line 2).
No. 7 Originally marked as No. 8; b. 37 S2/S3/S5/S6 comma after ‘sublime’ (S1 om.); b. 66 S4 comma om. after ‘There’; b. 68 S4 semicolon after ‘interceding’.
No. 8 bb. 9-10 S3 hyphen missing between ‘whoso’ and ‘ever’ (present in S1 and S2).
No. 9. ‘God so loved the world’ is misnumbered in S1 as No. 10 (note that ‘The Litany of the Passion’ is also marked No. 10 in S1). It was also originally described as ‘Quartet and Chorus’, but ‘and’ has been struck through and replaced by ‘or’; b. 21 S1 second beat, the phrase ‘everlasting life’ was originally marked ‘ff’.
No. 10 S1/S2 verses 1-6, end of line 6, ‘pray for me’ (‘plead’ in S3).
No. 12 b. 10 S1/S2/S3/S4/S5 Org. LH, beats 2 and 3, B flat notated as two crotchets (S6 as two tied crotchets; cf. b. 6 where all sources are notated as tied crotchets), notated here as minim; b. 25 S1/S2 Org. RH, beats 3 and 4, upper note is minim D flat (rather than D flat-C crotchets in S3); b. 26 all sources, RH note 6 slur (E natural) to b. 27 note 5 (B flat) om. ed.; b. 36 S1/S2/S3/S6 comma om. after ‘burning’.
No. 13 S1 verse 1, line 1, verses 1-4 end of line 8, ‘pleads for me’ (‘pray’ in S1 and S2); S2/S3 verse 2, line 1, full stop after ‘denied’; S5 line 6, colon after ‘Brow’; S2/S3/S4/S5/S6, line 7, comma after ‘pity’ om.; S3/S4/S6, comma after ‘throe’; S1/S2, verse 4, line 6, different line ‘With His agonized frame and His thorn-crowned Head’.

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