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No. 14 b. 1 S1/S2 Org. ‘p’ om.; S1 b. 9 tempo marking om.; S2 ‘Faster’ (‘Allegro’ in S3); b. 10 S4/S5 comma after ‘Christ’; S1/S2 b. 15 Org. ‘p’ om.; b. 36, all sources, the double bar has been repositioned here in b. 35, and b. 36 has been re-notated in 4/4; S2/S3/S4/S5/S6, b. 40, comma after ‘thee’; S1/S2 b. 43, Org., ‘dim’ om.; b. 43, all sources, correct underlay for Tenor 1 not shown (S4 also has Tenor 1 slur on D-C).
No. 16 b. 10, S1/S2/S3/S4/and S6, vocal part, note 2 is a minim. This appears as a crotchet in S5 (reproduced here) which was presumably changed by Novello so that the vocal part did not clash harmonically with the organ chord on beats 3 and 4 of the bar; b. 28, S5, vocal part, ‘land’ (instead of ‘earth’).
No. 17 ‘?’ added to title (om. in S2/S3/S4/S5/S6); S2 b. 22, Org. ‘rall’ om.
No. 18 b.2 All sources, b. 2, Org. RH, third chord (also bb. 83 and 87), A flat om., but present in b. 6; S4, b. 9, Org. RH top note, beat 3, F (printing error); S1/S2/S6 ‘dim.’ in vocal parts (S3 om.); bb. 45-6 S1/S2/S3/S6 commas om. after ‘them’; b. 143, Org. LH, minim G (beats one and two) om.; b. 163, Org. LH, G semibreve om. ed.; S5, b. 156, all sources, Alto, F sharp; b. 186, Org. ‘p’; b. 189 S1, Org. RH, ‘Vox Angelica’ in parentheses.
No. 20 S2/S3/S4/S5/S6 have only five verses but there are clearly six in S1. This omission is not noted in S2 or S3. The additional verse (verse 3) is included here; S1, final ‘Amen’ om.; S4 verse 6, line 4, comma after ‘love’; S1 Sparrow Simpson has written at the conclusion of the hymn text (after the Plate No. 8002), ‘The END’.
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