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Iona: Enemy of Apathy (Wild Goose Songs 2 )

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Iona: Enemy of Apathy (Wild Goose Songs 2 )

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Enemy of Apathy (Wild Goose Songs 2


Sixty-two songs and chants for Lent, Eastertide and Pentecost. Sixty-two songs and chants for Lent, Eastertide and Pentecost. Songs: * Prepare the way of the Lord * Finding God * Come, take my hand * Jairus' daughter * Tears of sorrow * Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Ride on, ride on * I was glad * I will give what I have * The pawnbroker * Hymn of the passion * The song of the supper * Let your restless hearts be still * O give thanks to the Lord * O Lord my God * The servant * Contemporary reproaches * Lord Jesus Christ, shall I stand still * When the son of God was dying * An emperor of fools * Travelling the road to freedom * We need you, God * Sing, my soul * Lord of the morning * The robber * Torn in two * Christ has risen * Darkness is gone * The Lord of all * Easter evening * He comes * Open the door * Jesus Christ is waiting * Go home by another way * The sorrow * Show your face * Christ in the stranger's guise * Be still and know * The saviour leaves * The last journey * Come, Holy Spirit * Pentecost * God the Spirit comes to stay * Heaven on Earth * Enemy of apathy * The love of God comes close * Lo, I am with you * No one will ever be the same * O bless the Lord * Paul's song * Behold the lamb of God * Occuli nostri * Watch and pray * Kyrie Eleison * Wonder and stare * Alleluia * Come, Holy Spirit * Here I stand * Kyrie/Sanctus & Benedictus/Agnus Dei (Kentigern setting)
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Additional Information

Catalogue No. D0059
Publisher Wild Goose Publications
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