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Lift up your voice

Lift up your voice

What is 'lift up your voice?

  • Lift up your voice is melody-line music for singing in worship without needing a choir, band, or organist to lead it, and without needing to clear copyright.
  • It is music for congregations to use ad hoc to add a lift to spoken services.
  • It is the RSCM’s recommendation of high-quality, easy-to-learn items for the non-music-reader.
  • A short video explaining more can be found here.

What is special about it?

  • The selection, drawn from a plethora of sources, has been honed to save you time and trouble.
  • The choices are achievable and inspiring. They stand up to repetition.
  • The selection covers various seasons, circumstances and worship preferences. Lift up your voice is ecumenical, practical, and economical.
  • The music can be introduced to a service with a minimum of explanation.

How will we learn it in church?  

  • By listening to the recordings and watching the videos available on each product page.
  • No one has yet disliked it on our taught 'lift up your voice' introductory days. That is a very good sign!

Is it pointless?

  • No, since it is worth singing anyway. Also, we have a bolt-on stream called...
  • 'Pick up your instrument' for those many churches with one or two instruments, rather than a “group” or “ensemble”.

Has it been road-tested?

  • Yes! The teachings from the day courses have been taken back to real churches and used with great success. See, for example, footage from our day course in Devon, and the hugely positive response we received in the Diocese of Bangor!

How to use this webpage

  • There are three categories of music: 

             Service of the Word

             Music for the Eucharist 

             Other Repertoire.

  • These categories can be found in the top left-hand corner of this page, or by clinking on the links above. Each category has several subcategories. For example, by visiting the 'Services of the Word' page you will find links allowing you to access the subdivisions of 'Morning Prayers' and 'Evening Prayers'.   

How to download

  • Each piece of music is available to download as a PDF. Simply scroll towards the bottom of each page, tick the box next to the instruction 'Download PDF', click 'Add to Cart', and your download will be added to your shopping cart. Once you have added as many PDFs to your cart as you require, proceed to check out (notice that no payment is required if checking out an item with a listed price of £0.00) and, in the order confirmation page, you will find a link called: 'Go to my Downloadable Products'. This will open a new window where you will be asked for a password. Enter your account email address as the password and the PDF will become available to view or download. The link will also be included in the confirmation email sent to your registered email address.

All introductory text and information on 'how to teach your congregation' is Copyright © 2017 The Royal School of Church Music. 

Yes. We have worked with many individuals who take this back to their churches. See some evidence!

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